Influencers - User Generated Content (UGC) Library

Approval Flow, Digital Rights Management (DRM), Archive Database

Background: Our team launched a community campaign and invited a group of popular influencers in the area to attend the company’s very first B2C direct-to-consumers on-site activation launch party in a metropolitan city. On-site activation was nothing new for the company, which had been done many times at industry tradeshows. This was the first time launching an experiential type of campaign directly to consumers. One of our team managers, who was responsible for Community-related campaigns, asked me for an operational solution to help his team to keep track of the expiration dates of the licensing rights of the user-generated digital assets (photos) provided by the influencers who attended the launch event. I was given a set of requirements, and I had done some research and proposed a couple of solutions that were available in the market. However, I received feedback that the team preferred a solution without incurring any additional cost. After that, I knew I had to be creative, so I looked at what type of digital rights information that the Community team need to manage, evaluated the set of collaboration applications available, and decided to custom build a tool as the solution using Microsoft SharePoint.

  1. Ability to add multiple tags to files
       (e.g. Company Logo, Infinity Wall, etc.)
  2. Tile View
  3. Digital Rights Management (DRM)
  4. Internal Approval Process
Additional Requirements
  1. Lean Management (I added after 1st review)
  2. Must be Scalable (Requirement from Leadership)

Benefits of Utilizing SharePoint Online:

  • SharePoint Online enables users to share and manage content, and empower teamwork, quickly find information, and seamlessly collaborate across the organization
  • Dolby users already have access to SharePoint Online as part of Office 365; therefore,
    • No extra costs to use this new tool, and no recurring costs
  • Permission-based access control
    • Private Group settings allow the DCCM Community Team to share and manage digital assets and have control over how asset distribution
  • Custom-built solution meets all requirements and more
    • Although SharePoint has its limitations, the document library offers customizable features beyond what the other file-sharing application offers, and Office 365 includes apps integration
  • Z100% User Adoption



  • The tool enables owners to apply multiple tags for each file

Beyond Expectation:

  • Custom Metadata
    • Offers the ability to add various types of information within the metadata of each file, for example:
      • Campaign Name
      • Location
      • Influencer Type
      • Notes
  • Easy editing using side information panel to edit metadata information or do bulk editing for multiple files
  • A table view that display metadata in columns, which allows users to filter and sort content files and narrow down searches beyond using the search box



  • Tile view – allow users to view the content in tile format

 Beyond Expectation:

  • The tool also has Compact List and List views that allow users to view metadata information in a table format
  • Custom views can be saved for different purposes, for example:
    • A view for owners to manage assets
    • A different view for other members to find assets
    • No folders view, etc.

Custom views are shareable, which allows customization of the user experience for team members



  • Custom metadata to store digital rights information:
    • Types of Digital Usage Rights
    • Usage End Date
    • Digital Advertising Usage – Yes/No

 Beyond Expectation:

  • Customized formatting for making decisions quickly
  • Applied background colors automatically based on information: 
    • Colors for Yes/No
    • Colors to distinguish the influencer type
    • Colors for Usage End Date:
      • Before today (Red – Do not use)
      • Today (Orange – warning)
      • After today (Green – Go to use)


image of approval flow

Internal Approval Process (Part 1)



  • Applied approval process that enables DCCM team members to select a file, and send an approval request to DCCM Community team for file usage 

 Beyond Expectation:

  • Microsoft Flow integration facilitates and automates the approval process:
    1. Requestor initiates the approval process by clicking on a button of a selected file in SharePoint 
    2. Grabs metadata information of selected file and the request’s information
    3. Updates Status column of the selected file to “Pending” in SharePoint
☚ Click on the image to view full size

The approval process continues in the next section below ↓



Beyond Expectation: (continues)

  1. Microsoft Flow then facilitates the approval process:
    1. Sends email notifications to the approver along with required metadata information of selected file 
    2. Brings the approver to the approval hub to add notes and approve or reject the request
    3. Based on the approval decision, it sends an “Approved” or “Not Approved” email back to the requestor
  2. Updates Status column of the selected file to “Approved” or “Rejected” 
  3. Sends an email to notify other approvers that the request has been processed by another owner, so no action needed


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